Saudade Imports mission is to bring exclusive Portuguese wines to the US market that have been hand selected based on their high quality, history and stories of the winemakers.


Meet Our Founder and CEO


Olá! My name is Cristina and I’m a Second Generation Portuguese-American. The Portuguese culture is my greatest passion and nothing makes me happier than to share it with others! Being raised in a Portuguese household meant I grew up with a love and appreciation for food and wine at a young age – it is the way we connect with people across all cultures.

Our Story


Saudade Imports started as a way to pay homage to my heritage and to encourage others to experience Portugal through one of its most important aspects – wine! From the rolling hills in the Vinho Verde region and the winding Douro Valley river, to the rural countryside of Alentejo, Portugal has so many undiscovered world-class wines that we couldn’t be more proud of and excited to bring to your table.

The Inspiration Behind Saudade Imports


The word that has been said to have no direct translation but is a universally understood concept by so many Portuguese’ hearts. It is said to be a deep emotional state of nostalgia or longing for an absent something or someone. It is the word that first comes to mind when thinking about Portugal – arguably the word that best describes it. My hope is that through every glass of wine enjoyed and every story from our winemakers that you hear, you are transported to Portugal and all the beauty it has to offer. Saúde!

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